Friday, April 12, 2024

Video shows opium thrown into Iranian side of border from Afghanistan 

A video has ricocheted around social media that purportedly shows a number of people throwing packages of opium and other narcotics into the Iranian side of the border from Afghanistan.

The footage also shows that they are using what appear to be catapults to do so. Some of the catapults are said to have a long range.

An Iranian counter-drugs official recently said following the Taliban takeover, Afghanistan has witnessed a surge in the production of industrial narcotics.

The UN has on several occasions thanked Iran for its efforts to fight drug trafficking. But the country has repeatedly criticized the international organizations including the UN for failing to provide Tehran with adequate assistance in its fight against narco-trafficking.

Iran has paid dearly in this regard as it borders Afghanistan to the east. Thousands of Iranian soldiers have been killed during clashes with armed narco-traffickers sneaking into Iran via the border with Afghanistan.

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