‘US Warns Travel Agencies against Arranging Tours of Iran’

Foreign tourists visiting the city of Isfahan in central Iran

Some foreign diplomats in Iran have revealed that the US sanctions on Iran cover the country’s tourism industry as well, saying Washington has warned a number of foreign travel agencies and diplomatic missions against cooperating with the Islamic Republic in the tourism area.

Deputy Ambassador of Malaysia to Iran and some Chinese tour leaders say some US agents have contacted them warning against establishing cooperation with Iran in the tourism area.

“This time the US has blatantly threatened Iran’s tourism industry. Foreign travel agencies are not allowed to take anyone on a tour of Iran, otherwise it would ban them and create legal problems for the tourists who visited Iran when they want to enter the US,” a report by Mehr news agency said.

In a press conference on the sidelines of the International Tourism Exhibition recently held in Tehran, Deputy Head of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran, Vali Teymouri, said some people from the US embassies in different parts of the world contact the host countries’ travel agencies threatening them with ban over any efforts promoting Iran’s tourism industry.

“The diplomats explicitly say if the agencies run tours of Iran, they will face serious problems,” he noted.

His statements were confirmed by some Chinese travel agencies visiting Iran. They said the US has already warned some leading travel agencies in China against working with Iran.

Rostam Yahya, Malaysian Ambassador to Iran, also said he has received some threatening letters from a number of US missions warning him against any cooperation with the Islamic Republic in the tourism area.

Speaking on the sidelines of a tourism exhibition in Tehran, he said Malaysia’s embassy doesn’t take the letters seriously.

“Iran is our good partner not only in tourism but also in commercial and educational areas,” he said.

Yahya also described the US sanctions on Iran as unilateral, adding Malaysia adopts its diplomacy based on its own national interests.

“Despite the threats, the number of Malaysian tours of Iran has increased over the past weeks,” he said.



  1. The very best way for Americans to know the real Iran is to visit. I loved my 10 days in Esfahan. I know others who have taken groups to Iran and the travelers have universally come back with the same reaction. That reaction is the same question posed to me back in 1988 by my future Iranian wife – “You do know Iran is not what you see on TV right?”. BUT, I have now had my visa request for a second trip rejected four times. No explanation was given by the MFA. If I could gather up every one of my 326 million fellow Americans and show them the Iran not on TV I would do it in a second. BUT the MFA does not make it easy. Infact I have been warned by more than one person not to go back. Recent arrests do not make my pleas for my fellow Americans to see the Iran not on TV easy.

  2. I am an New York based agency still planning Tours for October 2019..in hopes that Trump will be gone.
    But even if he is still in the WH, I feel it is more important, than ever before, for Americans to show our support for Iran.
    I’m editing my site with new Tours..it should be up in 2 weeks..so ignore these feeble attempts and join us.
    Iran is safe. We have never had a problem in Iran or returning at US airports.


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