Wednesday, February 1, 2023

“US Seeking to Promote Liberal-Democratic System of Ruling”

The head of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran says the US seeks to promote a liberal-democratic system of government.

Ali-Akbar Salehi say the Islamic Republic of Iran has established a new method of ruling which is unacceptable and not understandable by the Americans.

“[This method of ruling] has jeopardised their colonial existence, and that is why they have got into a challenge with us,” the top official said, as quoted by the Persian-language Fars News Agency.

He then touched upon the dynamic nature of the Islamic Revolution of Iran which emerged victorious in 1979.

“The revolution is not that old. ‘Forty years’ is not a long period of time as part of the history of a nation. However, this revolution has found its path and is moving on. A lot of infrastructure has been established during this period, and there are also a lot of problems that no one can deny. There is a long way to go to attain one’s ideals,” said Salehi.
The nuclear chief then stressed that the era of trial and error to run the country’s affairs is long gone.

“Today, conceptual studies are used to run the country, which has a bright future,” he noted.

“Our country does not want to be placed in the political orbit of others and wants to make decisions itself,” he said.

“We draw on our own experiences and tell good from evil. We do not want others to decide for us,” he underlined.

He said Islamic nations pride themselves on the accomplishments of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Today, the people of Muslim countries proudly become happy with Iran’s achievements and talk about them (those achievements). This is a great accomplishment. They have also realized that we have found the way, which has worried colonial powers,” Salehi said.

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