Friday, September 30, 2022

US Main Source of Instability, Tension in Mideast: Iran

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi says the US is the biggest exporter of lethal weapons to the Middle East.

In a Thursday statement, Qassemi said the US president is suffering from illusion.

“By rehashing his brazen, threadbare and repetitive claims against Iran, Trump showed that more than one year on since he was elected, he still has not got out of his old business atmosphere and has not been able to adapt his character as a politician for the new situation,” he noted.

Qassemi also noted that Trump has failed to replace illusion and pipe dreams with farsightedness and realism.

“The untrue and hostile claims by the US president regarding Iran’s activities in the region come as the US, by making excessive demands and maintaining its domineering temperament, makes efforts to increase its unwarranted presence in the region day by day, and advance its interests in the Middle East directly or through proxy elements by using financial resources and via some of its reactionary allies,” Qassemi said.

He then criticized the US for supporting terrorist groups, including ISIS.

“Trump accused Iran of terrorism at a time when it is lost on no one that this country (the US) and its allies back terrorism, and even American politicians have admitted that this country has had a role in creating Al-Qaeda, ISIS and other similar groups.”

“They confess before regional governments and people, especially in Iraq and Syria, that Iran plays a key role in fighting terrorism,” the spokesman said.

“Trump has made his ludicrous claims about terrorism at a time when his associates are notorious for constantly making efforts to support other terrorist groups, and time has shown that they have denied terrorists no support, both financial and military,” he said.

Qassemi then took a swipe at the United States for arming certain regional countries with deadly arms.

“The US president makes the false claim that the JCPOA triggers an arms race in the [Middle Eat] region while the US itself is the biggest exporter of different types of lethal weapons to some regional countries, and has caused instability, tension and aggression against Yemen as well as many other problems in the region today,” he noted.

“Trump has downgraded the dignity of the United States and its people in the world,” he noted.

“By creating different challenges on the international stage, he seeks to deflect the attention of the general public in the US from the political and moral crises that the US is grappling with inside the country,” Qassemi said.

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