Sunday, October 2, 2022

US in No Position to Sympathize with Iranians: Rouhani

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has lashed out at American officials for sympathizing with the Iranian nation, saying the murderers of hundreds of thousands of Iranians cannot use the language of sympathy towards them.

“Those in other countries who wronged Iranian people each and every day; they are the ones who, in the recent developments, disturbed the atmosphere, disturbed the region, disturbed security,” Rouhani told a cabinet session on Wednesday.

“Our people won’t allow them to use the language of sympathy towards the Iranian nation. They [Americans] are the ones who have murdered hundreds of patients in Iran, have prevented the import of medicines and medical equipment, are responsible for millions of sufferings in Iran, have put the people under economic pressure, are responsible for massacring our children during the eight-year war,” he added.

“We have not forgotten, Mr. Uncle Sam, that it was your AWACS which reported all of our flights to Saddam’s regime! You were responsible for these crimes during the war with Iraq. We won’t forget that it was you who encouraged Saddam in Ta’if to invade Iran. No one will forget it.”

“You are responsible for our people’s blood. You are the murderer. Not just the murderer of one person, but the murderer of hundreds of thousands of people who defended their country. All the disabled, all the wounded, you are responsible for what happened to them. And then you come and sympathize with our people? It is far from credible to them,” he noted.

Rouhani further noted that “insecurity in the region is not in anyone’s favour.”

“Insecurity in this sensitive and important region is to the detriment of the wold. … Insecurity is to the detriment of Europe, Asia, and the US itself. It is to the detriment of everyone. Why have you brought insecurity to this region? Why have you imposed sanctions on our nation? Why do you bully people? Why do you bombard Yemeni people? Why do you interfere in Iraq? Why do you plunder the Syrian oil? Why do you interfere in Lebanon? Why do you interfere in Libya? You are interfering in the entire region,” he asked.

“You have brought insecurity everywhere. This insecurity is unbearable. In an insecure atmosphere any incident may come about. In an atmosphere of social turbulence any incident may take place. Why have you brought insecurity to our society? Why have you brought insecurity to the region?” he added.

“The way to compensate the incidents is through the integrity and resistance of all the nations in the region, including the Iranian nation, against the real criminals. Dear people! Faced with maximum pressure we need maximum integration; we need maximum friendship; we need maximum brotherhood.”

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