Friday, October 7, 2022

US Fears Iran Revolution’s Impact on World: Assad

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad says the United States is afraid of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution inspiring peoples across the world.

Washington is afraid that nations might follow the model of the Islamic Revolution, he told The Tehran Foreign Policy Studies Quarterly.

Ever since World War II, the US has only succeeded in creating challenges to the world and destroying countries, Assad said.

Epicenter of fight against terrorism

The Americans, he added, wanted for the Syrian government to be replaced with a vassal state, which would easily hand the country over to the West.

Had such a scenario materialized, the rights of the Syrian people would have been ignored and the way would have been paved for eventual Western dominance over the Middle East region, he said.

The Islamic Republic has been providing advisory support for Syria’s defense of itself against foreign-backed militancy, which began in 2011.

Referring to an apparent instance of submission to Western demands, Assad said that Saudi Arabia had been told by Western countries to act in line with ethnic divisions in the region.

Riyadh is widely believed to be providing financial and ideological support to the Takfiri terrorists who have been ravaging Syria and Iraq since 2014.

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