Wednesday, November 30, 2022

US Claim that Iran Helping Terrorists Ridiculous: Larijani

Iranian Parliament speaker says the US claim that the Islamic Republic of Iran is helping terrorists is laughable.

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani rejected Washington’s allegation that Iran is helping terrorists and said, “This is the most ridiculous remark today. Are you blind, and don’t you see it is only Iran that is standing up to ISIS in Iraq and Syria?”

“How is it possible that Iran help ISIS and terrorists, and at the same time stand up against them? Is such a move sensible?”

“They (the Americans) themselves know that they are talking nonsense in a bid to sway public opinion around the world, but they won’t succeed because Iran has chosen its path prudently and will tread that path resolutely,” the top parliamentarian added.

He then touched upon plots by the global hegemony against Iran, saying hegemonic powers and their cronies have never wanted to see tranquility and calm in the country.

“The US president [Donald Trump] says blatantly that Iran is problematic. We deem it necessary to tell him that it has been you (the US) who have never stopped making trouble over the past 40 years,” Larijani said.

He said documented evidence exists that the White House was supporting former Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein during the eight year Iraqi imposed war on Iran in the 1980s.

He said there is evidence that the US provided Baghdad with intelligence and direct or indirect military assistance throughout the war.

Larijani also touched upon the downing of an Iranian airliner over the Persian Gulf by a US warship back in 1988.

He said the US president should be ashamed of himself as his country has taken so many actions against Iran, and now he has opted to try another anti-Iran move.

The parliament speaker said Trump’s words are nonsense, wrong and hollow.

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