Thursday, November 30, 2023

Unvaccinated Iranians to be fined: Official

Iranians not vaccinated against the coronavirus will be fined, and citizens infected with the virus will not be allowed to travel even within their towns and cities.

“In the smart coronavirus control system which will become operational as of December 6, 2021, restrictions and fines will be imposed on unvaccinated individuals entering towns and cities on the orange or red state of COVID-19 alert, and infected people will not even be permitted to travel within towns and cities with their private cars,” said Reza Nafisi, the head of the center charged with drawing up passive defense transportation safety regulations and crisis management affiliated with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. 

“If the new strain of the coronavirus spreads across the country, COVID-19 restrictions on domestic trips will definitely change and become stricter,” he added.

“The health protocols already enforced for cities with red, orange, yellow and blue states of coronavirus alert have remained unchanged, but they have become smart and will go into force for unvaccinated and infected individuals in such a way that they will not be allowed to leave home even with their private cars and they must remain in quarantine and they will be fined if seen traveling within or between cities,” the official added. 

“Under such circumstances, people infected with the coronavirus are monitored and will not be allowed to go to work,” he explained.

“If they are seen traveling, it will be regarded as illegally leaving their quarantine and will be fined,” he said.

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