Monday, December 11, 2023

Ulyanov: U.S. sanctions obstacle to progress in Vienna talks

Russia's chief negotiator to the Vienna talks says the issue of sanctions imposed by the United States against Iran is hampering the negotiations between the Islamic Republic and the P4+1 group.

Mikhail Ulyanov described the American sanctions as an obstacle to progress in the ongoing negotiations in the Austrian capital.

“In the Vienna talks, we must focus on the issue of removing U.S. sanctions,” the senior Russian diplomat said on Tuesday.

He also said he is surprised by the skepticism of the Western parties about the seriousness of Iran in the negotiations.

Also on Tuesday, the Russian chief negotiator sat down for talks with head of the Iranian delegation in Vienna Ali Bagheri Kani as part of intensive negotiations that resumed on Monday after a New Year break.

Ulyanov said in a tweet that the two sides discussed outstanding issues that have to be addressed during the talks in Vienna.

Senior diplomats from Iran, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany are engaged in the eighth round of talks to try to find a way to remove sanctions against Iran and allow the United States to return to the 2015 agreement.

Iran insists that the talks must lead to the removal of all American sanctions that were imposed against Iran following America’s unilateral withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in May 2018.

Tehran has also demanded credible guarantees that the U.S. will not abandon the deal again.

The Islamic Republic has refused to sit down for direct talks with American diplomats who are also present in the Austrian capital. Iran and the U.S. convey their messages via the P4+1 group.

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