Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Turkey disbands Mossad cell spying on people linked to Iran

Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (MIT) announced that it has dismantled an Israeli Mossad cell and arrested 11 agents found to be gathering intelligence on individuals with trade ties to Tehran.

MIT officers, in coordination with the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, led an investigation into the Israeli spying network for a year and a half, Turkish media reported on Tuesday.

Turkish authorities found out that the Mossad cell had targeted one company and 23 individuals having commerce relations with Iran.

The group of 15 operated a countrywide network and was led by Selçuk Küçükkaya, an operative trained in Europe, the MIT said in a statement.

Two of those arrested were Turkish nationals, it added.

Küçükkaya had met in person with Mossad executives in several European countries, where he received spy training and was taught on how to use the Israeli agency’s secret communications system.

Küçükkaya and his agents were arrested when he mailed a threatening package to one of his targets, who then filed a complaint with police.

The last time the MIT dismantled a Mossad cell in Turkey was in December when seven agents were arrested for spying on Palestinians.

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