Friday, December 2, 2022

Trump Is an Opportunity for Iran: MP

An Iranian lawmaker considers Trump’s presidency as a chance for Iran to show the real face of Washington, prove its own legitimacy, and concentrate on its domestic capacity.

According to a Farsi report by Fars News, Alireza Zakani, an Iranian Parliament member, believes that Donald Trump’s presidency is a great opportunity for Iran to show the reality of the US to the world.

“Now we can prove our legitimacy and communicate it to other nations and governments.”

Zakani also criticized the Iranian government for its appeasement towards Trump.

“This appeasement policy puts Iran on the brink of war, as it makes Trump greedier for attacking Iran. We should find a mindful way to secure our interests by profiting from the gap between other states.”

“We should express our positions to prove the accurateness of our logic,” he added. “Not all nations are like the US: Iran is eager to have economic relations with the world based on mutual respect.”

He went on to say that having had their eyes on Washington, Iranian officials should now pin back their hopes on Iranians: this is a positive consequence of Trump policies.

“They will concentrate on domestic capacities afterward. Iran can arrange its relations with the world in a way that leads to its total independence.”

Iran, Most Independent Country in the World

“We were dependent on the US before the Islamic Revolution,” Zakani stated, noting that by signing the Capitulation treaty, Iran was paying a savage fee to the United States while safeguarding its interests in the region.

“This is the bitter truth of the pre-Revolution era.”

Referring to the “Independence, Freedom, and Islamic Republic” motto, he counted the important results of Islamic Revolution in Iran. “Politically, we are 100% independent today, like no country is: this is a great achievement.”

“The West puts pressure on Iran as it doesn’t want us to become culturally and economically independent, too.”

He then stressed that today, Iran is the freest country of the world. It can still become freer, though.

Zakani also mentioned the notion of religious democracy in Iran. “The participation of people in shaping their own destiny is a prominent democracy principal. While it was apparently respected before the revolution, in fact all Parliament members and official were chosen in a pre-arranged way.”

“While Iranians suffered a lot due to Iran-Iraq war and the sanctions, they fulfilled their duties in the Revolution very well: Washington intended to urge them to rebel against the Islamic Republic and didn’t succeed.”

Zakani insisted that the Islamic Revolution never strived to fight against the world.

“Our leaders have always conveyed the message of peace.”

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