Saturday, December 10, 2022

Trump Following Footsteps of Goebbels: Iran’s Larijani

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has denounced the US President’s anti-Iran rhetoric, saying Donald Trump is following the footsteps of Joseph Goebbels.

“It seems Trump is following the footsteps of Goebbels when it comes to lying,” Larijani said on Sunday, referring to Joseph Goebbels, the German politician and Reich Minister of Nazi Propaganda who was notorious for his big lies.

“Trump speaks of Yemen crisis but closes his eyes to the fact that it is the US which is providing Saudi Arabia with deadly weapons to target the oppressed nation of Yemen,” he noted, according to a Farsi report by ICANA.

Larijani further referred to Trump’s repetition of his baseless statements about the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), saying, “This is a source of shame that the US president keeps uttering such baseless statements.”

The Iranian parliament speaker called JCPOA an international treaty adopted by the United Nation’s Security Council. “The US has been wriggling out of its commitments under the nuclear deal. But this was the Iranian nation who had been dealing with the negative approach with constructive behaviour.”

“We warn the US that it may reach an irreversible point,” he added.

Larijani said Trump has received a due response by the Iranian president in the UN. “We also saw how isolated the US and the Zionist regime were when most of the world’s states voiced their support for the JCPOA.”

Larijani also said Trump spoke in the UN in the language of disco-owners. “His absurd tone as the US president reveals the declining trend of the US status in the world,” he added.

He also raised this question that ‘wasn’t it better for Trump to make a logical stance towards Myanmar massacre instead of levelling baseless accusations against Iran with a foolish and aggressive language?’

”It seems Trump, because of his low-level mentality, has not yet realized the fact that the world has changed. Today the nations have waken up and come to this conclusion that the Islamic Republic of Iran has achieved its goals drawing on the nation’s hard efforts and despite the East and West’s conspiracies.”

The parliament speaker said the Iranian nation has managed to turn itself from a puppet of the US in the region into a proud nation with freedom-seeking causes.

“All states have observed and realized this change in the Iranian nation. So we are witnessing a political vigilance among the Islamic nations which will not be reversed with some leaders’ hollow statements like those of Trump,” he added.

He referred to some parts of Trump’s anti-Iran rhetoric and said the US is seeking to establish its own puppet government in Iran. “But, I tell Mr. Trump that the Iranian nation has been living with satisfaction over the past four decades under a government which overthrew your puppet government and replaced it with a democratic one.”

Larijani said Trump is lagging behind world developments for at least half a century and added just recently more than 70 percent of Iranians went to the polls and elected their next president. “I’m wondering why the US president has not yet seen the huge turnout of Iranian people,” he noted.

He also pointed to the US election saying Trump came to office with Electoral College instead of public votes. “Now the main question is which system is closer to the real democratic values, the Iranian system or that of the US,” he asked.

The Iranian official also said it seems the US officials are suffering from mental inversion. “As the US former secretary of state confessed, the US created ISIS to press ahead with its plans in the region. But it was Iran who rushed to defend the innocent people of Iraq and Syria who came under brutal attacks of ISIS.”

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