Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Tourism Industry Earned Iran $12 Billion in Past Year

Iran’s minister of culture, tourism and handicrafts says the country has earned nearly $12 billion through its tourism industry over the past year, but it still needs to further ameliorate this sector.

Ali-Asghar Mounesan highlighted the importance of promoting professions associated with the domain of culture, tourism and handicrafts in order to pave the way for sustainable development and depict a better future for it from economic and social perspectives.

“Due to its innumerable and growing benefits, the tourism industry draws the attention of societies and statesmen more and more every year, and heralds sustainable development in societies, guarantees job creation as well as the removal of unemployment and poverty, brings hope of equal opportunities, and is a harbinger of a life coupled with peace and happiness across the globe,” said the minister in a message marking World Tourism Day on September 27.

“Each year, September 27 marks the beginning of a new path for the major tourism industry in the world,” read the message.

He noted that Iran’s tourism industry has brought in 11.8 billion dollars over the past year and created thousands of jobs domestically.

“The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Handicrafts and all of its affiliated institutions have put training, employment and learning skills on their agenda as a practical strategy, and will seize this invaluable opportunity as one of the most obvious examples of economic resilience in order to promote tourism,” the message read.

He expressed hope that potential and actual capabilities in the tourism sector will be tapped in order to build a brighter future.

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