Friday, September 22, 2023

All we think about is winning

The Serbian coach of the Iranian volleyball team says his players are in the FIVB World Championships only to win.

Ahead of a clash between Iran and Australia in the FIVB World Championships later Wednesday, the Serbian head coach of the Iranian national volleyball team said his players have produced a stellar performance in the games in Poland so far and should do their best to advance from the second stage of the games.

Iran is now placed in the same group as Slobodan Kovac’s home country: Serbia. For the first time he seems to want to see his home country lose in an international event. In an interview with Khabaronline’s reporter Mehri Ranjbar, Kovac further said:

“All we think about at this stage of the games is winning over Australia. We need to perform well and emerge victorious.

“Some [coaches and players] are merely fixated on advancing. I believe that is not a good idea. You need to perform well and win.

“We are trying to perform well, score points and make Iranians happy. Iran has now become a well-respected squad on everyone’s lips. Everyone knows our players by name. It couldn’t have been better.”


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