Saturday, May 18, 2024

Terror group ringleader indicted for terrorist operations in Iran

An indictment has been issued for the ringleader of a terrorist group masterminding numerous acts of terror in Iran.

The indictment issued by the Tehran Revolution and Public Prosecutor’s Office was served on Habibollah Farajollah nicknamed Habib Asivad, who led a terrorist group known as the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz. 

During the session where he was served with the indictment, Asivad introduced himself as an employee of Sweden’s Labor Office with Swedish nationality. 

The group was behind several bombing and terrorist operations in southern Iranian Khuzestan province as well as acts of vandalism aimed at countering the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Establishment. 

The charges contained in the indictment include bombing operations at several government institutions and oil pipelines in southern Iran. 

Asivad began his terror activities under the aegis of spy services, namely those of the Israeli regime and Saudi Arabia, in 2005. 

The terror group conducted as many as 10 terrorist operations in 2005 alone, which killed a large number of Iranians.

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