Friday, June 14, 2024

Tehran Urges Ankara to Stop Attacks on Iranian Military Advisory Bases in Syria

Iran’s Military Advisory Centre (MAC) in Syria has said in a rare statement said that Turkey keeps launching artillery attack on the MAC’s positions despite Iran's restraint.

The MAC further urged Ankara to adopt a rational approach toward the issue of Idlib, one which serves the interests of Syrian people.

In a statement, the MAC noted that the Turkish military is pressing ahead with its attacks while MAC forces refrain from fighting back.

“Since yesterday morning, we ordered our troops not to target Turkish forces in Idlib to save their lives. Although our troops were within range [of the Turkish military’s artillery], they refused to target them, by the Turkish military keeps firing artillery shells at our positions and bases,” read a statement by the MAC.

Issue of Idlib Must be Resolved Diplomatically: Rouhani to Erdogan
Issue of Idlib Must be Resolved Diplomatically: Rouhani to Erdogan

“Iran’s Military Advisory Center in Syria calls on Turkish forces to deal [with the situation] rationally and in accordance with the interests of the Syrian and Turkish nations,” added the statement.

“Once again, we reiterate that the children of the Turkish nation serving in the Turkish army in Idlib are within range of our military forces, and we could have easily take revenge on them for the bombardment of our bases, but we have refused to do so upon orders by our commanders,” read part of the statement.

The statement underscored that Iran will stand by the Syrian people and military in the war on terrorism until the country’s soil is fully liberated.

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