Monday, June 17, 2024

Tehran says will respond to US violation of Iran sovereignty

A news website affiliated with Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) says American meddling in the country’s domestic affairs by overtly and covertly fuelling violent riots in different cities is nothing “negligible” and will definitely be faced with the necessary reaction from Tehran.

“A befitting response will be given in due time and place to the overt and covert measures taken by Western countries — especially the US and some European states — in order to create and fuel riots in the country, which are mainly under the surveillance of the country’s relevant authorities,” Nournews wrote in an article on Saturday.

It listed a number of measures taken by adversaries to deal a blow to Iran’s establishment, including actively giving directions to rioters via media outlets, attempts to activate Internet services beyond government control, foreign embassy staffers’ activities inconsistent with diplomatic norms, cyberattacks, among “other measures that will be announced in due time.”

In particular, it referred to the American government’s green light for expansion of Internet services to Iranians, while keeping tough economic sanctions on the country.

Aside from the technical complexities in fulfilling such a project, “this level of US interference in Iranian affairs is nothing negligible and will be given the necessary response for sure,” the report said.

Nournews said it obtained information about certain activities in some European countries for using trade to exert pressure on Iran, which the report said “was still being reviewed.”

It seems that the Westerners have failed to learn a lesson from past experiences and are once again miscalculating the situation in Iran and attempting to disrupt the Islamic Republic’s peace and security by relying on “biased and untrue advice,” the report added.

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