Thursday, February 9, 2023

Tehran Condemns Albania’s Expulsion of Iranian Diplomats

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has denounced as unacceptable the Albanian government’s expulsion of two Iranian diplomats from the country.

In a Thursday statement, Qassemi said Albania’s decision was made under the United States’ sway.

“This move and scenario came about under the pressure of the US government and the Zionist regime [of Israel]’s security apparatus in cooperation with some anti-Iran terrorist groups on the basis of unfounded allegations,” said Qassemi.

“This behaviour by the Albanian government, which is unjustifiable and lacks any logical basis, was completely based on false and fabricated information provided by some security services,” the spokesman noted, describing the move as an unacceptable and condemned one.

“It is regrettable that those who piece together scenarios against Iran have, this time, directed their evil schemes at Albania, which has always enjoyed good relations with Iran,” he said.

Qassemi further noted that the move was part of the anti-Iran campaign, and was aimed at disrupting and affecting Iran-Europe ties.

“We regard this injudicious move, which has been imposed on this country (Albania), as part of a policy of disrupting and straining Iran’s foreign relations, especially with Europe, and [regard it as a move] aimed at bothering Iran and promoting Iranophobia, which has always been pursued by the Americans and Zionists,” he said.

“The childish and naïve delight of some American officials, especially the US secretary of state, and their rush to take a position and their expression of foolish joy over this move bears testimony to the efforts made, in recent years, by unprofessional individuals who are in the pay of terror groups,” the spokesman noted.

“We have witnessed in recent months that as Iran and Europe have got engaged in more serious cooperation to render the United States’ unilateral and illegal sanctions ineffective, more scenarios have been engineered in order to harm Iran-Europe ties; of course, those scenarios will fail due to both sides’ vigilance, prudence and shrewdness,” Qassemi added.

His comments came after Albania said it had expelled two Iranian diplomats for what it called security reasons. Albania claimed the diplomats were suspected of “involvement in activities that harm the country’s security.” It said the decision was taken in consultation with other countries.

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