Monday, October 3, 2022

Tehran Attacks Aimed at Shattering Iranians’ National Unity: Sunni Cleric

The recent terrorist attacks in Tehran were aimed at disrupting the national unity of Iran, said Friday Prayer Imam of the Kurdish city of Paveh in western Iran.

Mamousta Molla-Qader Qaderi, a senior Sunni cleric, called for preserving national unity of Iran and said, ”The ISIS is widely viewed as a Sunni group, but this does not mean that all Sunni Muslims are ISIS militants.”

“Although the terrorists who carried out Tehran terror attacks spoke Kurdish, this does not mean that all Kurds are ISIS members. Any a Kurd who joins ISIS is no longer a Kurd,” he noted.

The Friday Prayer Imam of Paveh also called ISIS the fruit of malicious policies of the global arrogance and urged Sunni Muslims to remain vigilant against them.

He also urged the families not to leave their children prone to extremist views to join the terrorist groups.

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