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Tajabad Caravanserai; Unique Structure in Iran’s Hamadan

Tajabad Caravanserai, one of the rarest circular caravanserais of Iran, is located in the village of Tajabad in western Hamadan province.

Caravanserais have played a significant role throughout the history of Iran. The tradition of building the structure was customary in Iran before and after Islam. Many beautiful caravanserais have been made in Iran, especially after the advent of Islam.

Tajabad Caravanserai is one of the most beautiful ones built after Islam during the Safavid era. It was registered in 1997 in the list of Iran’s national heritage. The people in Tajabad village speak Kurdish. This structure is located in the central part of the village, near Hamadan-Kermanshah road and on the way of pilgrims to the Iraqi holy city of Karbala.

It is actually a circular Rabat – a type of caravanserai used by people to house their livestock – unlike most of the Iranian ones that have a rectangular plan. This plan is very rare among Iranian caravanserais; making the structure one of the most important caravanserais in the western region.

The eastern entrance has two decorative and modern facades, with two wooden doors. This is the entrance to the stables and lower chambers.

There are 26 chambers in front of it. The courtyard is covered with stones and two wells are seen inside the building.

The main materials used in the construction of Tajabad Caravanserai are red brick and sandstone.

What follows are photos of the attractive structure retrieved from ISNA:

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