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Why Iran Should Back Qatar in Row with Saudis

A political commentator says the Islamic Republic of Iran should not sit idly by in the ongoing tension in Saudi-Qatar relations.

Iran Should Steer Clear of Saudi-Qatari Row: Analyst

An Iranian political commentator says Iran should distance itself from the Saudi-Qatari crisis.

Prolonged Crisis Not in Interest of Mideast States: Iran FM

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says prolonging the current crisis in the relations between certain countries in the Middle East is not in the interest of any regional state.

Arab Rulers’ Academic Degrees, Majors at a Glance

With only a few days to the end of the academic year in most countries, we have taken a glance at the academic degrees Arab rulers hold, their level of education and field of study.

US Double Standards towards “Inhumane” Sanctions

The US secretary of state has called “inhumane” the sanctions imposed on Qatar by a number of Arab states and expressed concerns over the impacts of the sanctions on trade ties between his country and Qatar. This comes as Washington continues to put considerable efforts into applying illegal sanctions on Iran.

Qatari FM Says Not Met with Iran’s General Soleimani

Qatar’s Foreign Minister, Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdul Rahman al-Thani, dismissed the ‘fabricated’ media reports about his meeting with the IRGC Quds Force Commander Major General Qassem Soleimani.

Erdogan Ratifies Deployment of Turkish Troops to Qatar

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ratified a law earlier passed by Turkey’s parliament to deploy their troops to Qatar amid a diplomatic rift between Doha and its Persian Gulf neighbours.

Qatar Forces on Highest State of Alert for Fear of War

Qatar has brought up to 16 tanks out of storage in Doha and put its military forces on highest state of alert in preparation for a potential military incursion by surrounding Persian Gulf states, which have severed their ties with Qatar.

“Inventing Enemies; Saudi Arabia’s Trick for Survival”

An Iranian political analyst says making enemies is a key trick played by Saudi Arabia to live on.

10 Conditions Set by Saudi Arabia for Doha Government

A senior journalist has published the ten conditions set by Saudi Arabia for Qatar, the fulfilment of which may lead to the normalization of the severed ties between the two Arab states.