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Qatar frustrated with US over drone purchase request

Doha has voiced its frustration with Washington over the lack of response to a request for the purchase of advanced drones from the United States.

Qatar calls for (P)GCC engagement with Iran

Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani has urged the (Persian) Gulf Corporation Council ,(P)GCC, to engage with Tehran. The top diplomat says Qatar considers Iran “part of our region”.

All Qatari female candidates failed in election

Qatari voters have chosen none of the 26 women in the first legislative elections in the Persian Gulf Arab state on Saturday.

Qatar’s Awarding of Windcatcher Scale Model Raises Eyebrows in Iran

Last week, Iranian netizens were shocked to see Qatari officials awarding a scale model of windcatchers to Paris Saint-Germain staff who had won a traditional camel race in the peninsular nation.

UAE Bars Top Qatari Football Official from Attending Asian Cup

The United Arab Emirate has, in a politically-motivated move, prevented Qatari Vice President of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Saud al-Muhannadi from taking part in the AFC Asian Cup tournament, which is to start on Saturday.

Saudi Arabia Spending $750 Million to Turn Qatar into Island

Saudi Arabia is sacrificing a portion of its territory and spending nearly $750 million to dig a 60-kilometre canal that will turn Qatar into an island.

Qatar Blasts Efforts to Drag Regional States into War with Iran

A senior Qatari official has lashed out at third parties who seek to drag the region into a war against Iran, saying his country will not be part of any conflict with the Islamic Republic.

Qatar Bans Citizens from Buying, Selling Saudi-Made Goods

The Qatari government has banned its citizens from buying or selling goods made in a Saudi-led group of countries that maintain a blockade on the country, in a move that further shatters hopes for the settlement of the political crisis.

Saudi-led Bloc Wants Qatar to Abandon World Cup Hosting to Lift...

The Arab countries that imposed a blockade on Qatar have asked Doha to give up its right to host the football world cup in 2022 in exchange for lifting of the siege, a Qatari official claimed.

Saudi, UAE Say Won’t Play ACL Matches in Iran or Qatar

Saudi and Emirati officials say their football teams in the AFC Champions League will neither play in Iran, nor in Qatar.