Monday, January 30, 2023

Qatar calls for (P)GCC engagement with Iran

Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani has urged the (Persian) Gulf Corporation Council ,(P)GCC, to engage with Tehran. The top diplomat says Qatar considers Iran “part of our region”.

“Engagement [with Iran] is important for all of us as the GCC countries,” the foreign minister stated.

“Our aim is to achieve a regional security understanding between the GCC and Iran,” he added.

“Iran is our neighbour, a player in our region … we cannot change geography. Our disagreements can be resolved around a table, they can’t be resolved by confrontation,” he continued.

Speaking about Qatar’s possible role in reviving Iran’s nuclear talks with world powers, he said, “It is in our interests to see the nuclear deal with Iran back in place and to see that there is no risk of a nuclear race in our region.”

“We are going to provide any support needed by all parties. We are talking and engaging with Iran, encouraging them and the US to go back to the deal,” the FM added.

“We have managed to contain several situations from exploding. Qatar will continue with this role because it is in our national interest. Iran is our neighbour, we share borders, water, gas fields … we need to see Iran flourishing and being an active, positive player in our region,” he stated.

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