Dozens killed in fire at building housing workers in Kuwait

A fire that broke out in a building housing workers in the city of Mangaf in southern Kuwait early on Wednesday has killed at least 49 people, the Interior Ministry has announced.

Kuwait’s emir appoints Sheikh Sabah Khalid al-Sabah as new crown prince

Kuwait's emir has appointed Sheikh Sabah Khalid al-Sabah as crown prince, the state news agency Kuna reported on Saturday.

Kuwait’s emir dies at 86

Kuwait’s ruling Emir Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Sabah died Saturday after three years in power. He was 86.

Medicine shortages in Kuwait leave patients without treatment

Widespread anger has erupted in Kuwait over a lack of medicine, with many warning that the Arab country risks a national crisis over the problem. People are blaming the minister of health, demanding a solution to the ongoing crisis and voicing their concerns on social media.

Kuwait bans Barbie film as Lebanon calls for action, citing ‘homosexuality’

Kuwait has announced a ban on the film Barbie in a bid to protect “public ethics and social traditions”. It comes shortly after a Lebanese minister called for barring the movie from cinemas for “promoting homosexuality”.

Opposition lawmakers win majority in Kuwait’s parliament

Kuwait's opposition held its ground in the country's third parliamentary election in 2-1/2 years, results showed. A significant number of neutral lawmakers could now tilt the balance of power towards the government, opening an opportunity to launch fiscal reforms.

Kuwaitis go to polls in hopes of ending political deadlock

Polling began at 8am (05:00 GMT) on Tuesday and will continue till 8pm (17:00 GMT). Results will be announced on Wednesday, the official Kuwait...

Kuwait prohibits entry of vessels carrying goods destined to, originated from Israel

Kuwait has banned the entry of commercial vessels carrying goods to and from the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, days after the Persian Gulf kingdom reiterated its support for Palestine and condemned a controversial visit by the Israeli president to the Ibrahimi Mosque in al-Khalil.

Kuwait government submits resignation

Kuwait’s government submitted its resignation to the ruling emir Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmed al-Sabah on Monday, Al Qabas and Al Rai reported.

Kuwait gives Lebanon envoy 48 hours to leave the country

Kuwait has given Lebanon's ambassador 48 hours to leave the country. It has also recalled its ambassador from Beirut for consultations. The move comes after Saudi Arabia and Bahrain ordered the expulsion of the Lebanese envoys following comments by Lebanon’s information minister criticizing Saudi-led war on Yemen.

Several injured in Kuwait oil refinery fire

A massive fire broke out Monday at an oil refinery in Kuwait. The blaze has wounded several workers. Export operations were not affected.

Emir of Kuwait Reaffirms Support for Gaza Marches of Return

The Kuwaiti Emir Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah has stressed the country’s continued support for the Palestinian cause, particularly the nation’s Marches of Return near Gaza border with Israel.

Iraq Reconstruction Conference Opens in Kuwait

Kuwait is hosting an international conference on reconstruction in parts of Iraq devastated by the war against ISIS.

Kuwaiti Journalist Sentenced to 5 Years in Jail for ‘Insulting’ Riyadh

A criminal court in Kuwait has sentenced a Kuwaiti journalist and activist to five years in prison for ‘publishing insulting pieces against Saudi Arabia.’

Iran Rejects Final Statement of Arab League Summit

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has dismissed the final statement of the recent Arab League summit in Cairo and the anti-Iran allegations raised by Emirati and Kuwait representatives during the meeting.

Arab Rulers’ Academic Degrees, Majors at a Glance

With only a few days to the end of the academic year in most countries, we have taken a glance at the academic degrees Arab rulers hold, their level of education and field of study.

Saudi Arabia Gives Qatar 24-Hour Ultimatum to Fulfil 10 Conditions

Saudis have reportedly given Qatar a 24-hour ultimatum to fulfil a number of conditions they set in response to efforts to mediate between the two Arab states.

Iran’s President Writes Letter to Emir of Kuwait

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has sent a letter to Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, a report said

Radical Kuwaiti Sheikh Says Photoshop Forbidden

A Wahhabi Kuwaiti sheikh claimed that using Photoshop or any photo editor is forbidden because it goes against Allah!

Kuwait Rejects Saudi Request for War Subvention

The Kuwaiti administration has reportedly given the thumbs down in reaction to Saudi Arabia’s request for subvention in Yemen war.

Oil-Rich Kuwait and UAE Start Importing US Shale Gas

The United States has began exporting natural gas to the Middle East, according to a media report.

Subsidies to Stop in Kuwait by 2020

The government of Kuwait has decided to stop paying subsidies to Kuwaiti people by 2020 in an effort to cut expenses to meet the financial challenge caused by lower oil income.

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