Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Iran-UN Relations

Afkham: Anti-Iran human rights report lacks legal foundation

Afkham said the report embarks on misinterpreting human rights situation in Iran, thus losing the chance to offer an impartial analysis.

Iran’s Rouhani urges UN to press Saudi over Mina tragedy

It is imperative that the UN Secretary General [Ban Ki-moon] remind the Riyadh government of its legal and human obligations,” Rouhani said.

Araghchi: Model United Nations can promote better understanding of the organization

Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi has said that the Iran nuclear deal and Resolution 2231 are unique in the history of the United Nations.

UN chief congratulates Iran, P5+1 on Vienna agreement

The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warmly welcomed the historic agreement in Vienna and congratulated the P5+1 and Iran for reaching the agreement.

Amos meets with Zarif over Saudi war on Yemen

Iran says its ship carrying aid for the war-ravaged Yemenis has been dispatched under "full coordination with the UN" and would head for nearby Djibouti.

Iran UN envoy protests outrageous remarks by Zionist regime’s minister

Iran’s UN envoy has condemned outrageous remarks of the Zionist regime’s war minister, saying they implicitly indicate that Israel possesses nuclear arms.

Iran urges UN to create safe zone in Yemen

Iran's foreign minister has called on the UN to create a safe zone in Yemen to allow the delivery of humanitarian supplies to the poor country.

UN rights report based on false, fabricated information: Iran

The Iranian Judiciary's High Council for Human Rights rejected the report as being founded upon “incorrect information and fabricated sources,”

Yemen crisis needs political solution: Zarif

The solution to Yemen crisis is solely political and through forming an inclusive government with the aid of all political forces, said Zarif.

UN ready to carry Iran relief aid to Yemen

Dispatching humanitarian aid to the Yemeni nation has been a concern of Iran and Tehran continues its efforts in this regard through various channels, said Amir Abdollahian.

UN must act to stop Saudi killing in Yemen: Iran official

The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to carry out any necessary measures in order to send humanitarian aid to the oppressed and defenseless Yemeni people, said Amir Abdollahian.

Iran rejects UN human rights report on executions

The report on the alleged unreported executions in Iran or the execution of political prisoners is a downright lie, said Afkham.

Iran, UN discuss sending human aid to Yemen

Iran expects UN envoy in Yemen Ismail Bin Al-Sheikh Ahmed to act urgently and take steps for ending the attacks and preventing the escalation of human crisis, said Amir Abdollahian.

Iran urges UN humanitarian relief efforts in Yemen

Iran deeply believes that the Yemeni crisis should be resolved politically and based on dialogue among Yemenis in order to establish an inclusive government, said Afkham.

Iran voices concern over dire situation of Palestinians in Yarmuk camp

Afkham called on the UN to act on its responsibilities with regard to the human tragedy and oblige the countries which support the terrorists to cut their arms and financial aid.

UN says it’s ready to set up environmental database in Iran

An Iran-UN workshop in Tehran reviewed the State of Environment report, with the UN expressing readiness to set up an environment database in Iran.

Iran’s FM: Violence has no place in Islam, unacceptable to Muslims

“Considering the institutional capabilities of the United Nations, I tend to remain hopeful that the UN and its capacity and mechanisms can be brought to bear” on such an important issue, Zarif said.

Russia ‘bewildered’ over US visa denial to Iran UN envoy pick

Russia has criticized Washington for its refusal to issue a visa to Iran’s appointee for the position of ambassador to the United Nations, saying the move is in violation of the US commitments as a host of the UN headquarters.

Official: Iran Not to Succumb to US Pressure over Replacement of UN Envoy

Senior Iranian Foreign Ministry officials said on Saturday Tehran remains insistent on its pick for the post of Ambassador to the United Nations and will resort to legal means to counter the US refusal to issue visa for Hamid Aboutalebi.

Iran dubs US decision on denying visa as ‘unwise’

Iran’s representative body to the UN has dubbed a White House decision to deny visa for Iran’s ambassador to the UN as ‘unwise' and 'illegal'.

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