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The latest news and views about the Iranian oil industry

Iran Says Welcomes Barter Oil Trade amid Sanctions

The Iranian petroleum minister says Tehran welcomes barter trade in the oil sector now that the country is under the harshest sanctions ever.

Three Energy Megaprojects Come on Stream in Iran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Monday inaugurated three national large projects in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

‘Neither Tankers Nor Oil Cargo Seized by US Belong to Iran’

The Iranian president’s chief of staff says none of the oil tankers that have been recently confiscated by the US belongs to Iran, noting that their cargo had been already sold.

Oil Shipment Seized by US Already Sold, Paid for: Iran

The Iranian oil minister says the shipment that the United States claims has seized contained Iranian petrol sold to customers.

Oil Tankers Seized by US Had Nothing to Do with Iran:...

Iran's ambassador to Venezuela has denied media reports that the US has seized Venezuela-bound oil tankers belonging to the Islamic Republic.

Iran to Turn Jask Port into Oil Exports Hub: President

The Islamic Republic of Iran is to turn its Jask port in the south of the country into a major hub of oil exports.

China Only Country Officially Buying Oil from Iran: Deputy FM

An Iranian official says China is the only country which officially buys oil from the Islamic Republic of Iran despite the US sanctions.

VP Urges Boost to Iran’s Non-Oil Exports

Iran’s First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri has described a surge in the export of non-oil products as a top priority in the administration’s economic policy, calling on all governmental and private sectors to contribute to the promotion of non-oil exports.

Venezuela’s Special Envoy Lauds Iran for Fuel Shipments

A special envoy of president of Venezuela has visited Tehran to express his country’s gratitude to Iran for freighting several consignments of gasoline and supporting the Latin American nation in the struggle with the US imperialism.

Iran Starts Building Major Pipeline as Safe Way for Oil Exports

The Iranian president says the national pipeline project launched on Thursday to carry oil as an alternative route for the Strait of Hormuz serves as an important message to those that have imposed sanctions on the country.