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7-Year-Old Cancer Girl’s Wish Comes True in Ancient Castle of Shush

Zeynab, a seven-year-old Iranian girl, is battling against cancer. She always wished to become a queen one day and have her own castle and treasure.

Researchers Use Persian Violet to Treat Breast Cancer

Iranian researchers have introduced the extract of the Persian violet for the complementary treatment of breast cancer.

COVID-19 Pandemic Makes Lepers Lonelier Than Ever

A clergyman in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad is mingling with lepers who have slipped into oblivion for years and who everyone stays away from.

CF Patients Victims of US Sanctions against Iran: Official

An Iranian health ministry official says the US sanctions have resulted in a shortage of a foreign-made medicine used for cystic fibrosis patients.

Are HIV Patients Immune to Novel Coronavirus?

A senior Iranian official says the majority of HIV-positive patients have tested negative for COVID-19.

Researchers Devise Sensor to Detect Cancerous Cells Using Nanotech

Iranian scientists at Sharif University of Technology have designed a sensor to detect cancerous cells in medical diagnostic laboratories and research centres.

Coronavirus in Iran: Number of Victims Rises to 15

Iran's Health Ministry spokesman says the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Iran has increased to 95, out of whom 15 have died so far.

Iran President Vows to Contain Coronavirus in Shortest Time Possible

President Hassan Rouhani has reassured the people of Iran that his administration would do its utmost to contain the novel coronavirus epidemic in the country in the shortest time and with least number of casualties, saying all resources have been mobilized to protect the health of people.

Coronavirus Outbreak in Iran: Death Toll Rises to 12

The Iranian Health Ministry says the total number of Iranians definitely diagnosed with the coronavirus has risen to 61, twelve of whom have died so far.

President Orders Mobilization of Efforts to Eradicate Coronavirus from Iran

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani has ordered the formation of a national headquarters for administering the efforts to contain a novel coronavirus epidemic, assigning the Health Ministry to mobilize resources from all organizations to stop the spread of the disease.