Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Crisis in Iraq

ISIS Digs Fiery Moat around Mosul amid Fruitless Ceasefire Talks

According to local witnesses, the ISIS terrorist group has dug a fiery moat around Iraq's northern city of Mosul in a bid to hinder advancement of Iraqi forces after the ceasefire collapsed in the war-torn region.

Iraqi Forces Retake Haditha Island from ISIS

Iraqi army forces and allied tribesmen have recaptured Haditha Island in western Iraq from the ISIS extremist group, a military commander said Wednesday.

ISIS Selling Iraqi Sex Slaves in Saudi Arabia

The ISIS terrorist group is trafficking dozens of sex slaves ‘to be sold in horrifying auctions to the UK ally Saudi Arabia’.

ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi Shows Up in Mosul, Iraq

The exact location of the ISIS “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been a subject of speculation. However, a recent sighting shared by Al Sumaria claims that al-Baghdadi is in Mosul, Iraq.

Unknown Gunmen Kill ISIS Commander Responsible for Recruitment of Children

An ISIS commander known as Abu Wathba al-Saudi has been reportedly killed in an armed attack in the Iraqi city of Mosul, local sources said.

Iran Condemns Kadhimiya Terrorist Blast

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson strongly denounced the recent terrorist blast which hit the Iraqi holy city of Kadhimiya.

Iraq to Employ New Bomb Detection Equipment

Following recent deadly bombings that ripped through Baghdad, Iraq’s security forces are going to utilize new vehicles and devices to detect bombs and weapons.

Iran President Vows Full Support for Iraq’s Anti-Terror Fight

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the Islamic Republic will always stand by the Iraqi government and nation in the fight against terrorism and help protect the holy shrines in Iraq.

Iraqis Must Stand United to Defeat ISIS: Iran FM

The Iranian foreign minister has called for a stronger unity among various Iraqi groups as the key to defeat the Takfiri terror groups wreaking havoc in the Arab state and elsewhere in the region.

40 Iraqis per Day Killed in Past 6 Months

Statistics indicate that Iraq’s death toll from terrorist attacks within the past six months has amounted to 7,128 people, which means almost 40 Iraqis have been killed each day.

Use of Fake UK-Made Bomb Detector Leads to Deadly Explosions in Iraq

Iraqis are expressing hatred and disgust against the UK-made fake bomb detectors, which have failed to curb many ISIS terrorist attacks in Iraq, especially the most recent one in Karrada that claimed the lives of 250 civilians.

ISIS on Alert in Mosul for Possible Attack by Iraqi Forces

ISIS militants have been placed on alert after some unknown individuals raised Iraq’s flag at the centre of a market in the ISIS-held city of Mosul.

At Least 35 Killed in ISIS Attack on Shiite Shrine North of Baghdad

ISIS terrorist group (also known as ISIS or ISIL) claimed a triple suicide attack on Thursday evening near a Shiite mausoleum north of Baghdad, which killed at least 35 people and wounded 60 others, according to Iraqi security sources.

ISIS Afraid of Iraqis’ Imminent Onslaught on Mosul

Iraqi and Kurdish authorities updated Western media on hoards of weapons and money stockpiled in Mosul by ISIS terrorist group in a bid to make the city a safe haven against Iraqis’ attack.

Saudi Arabia has no right to meddle in Iraq: Iran commander

A senior Iranian commander has hailed recent victories by the Iraqi government and nation against Daesh terrorists, stressing that Saudi Arabia has no right to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs.

Iraqi Forces Make Fresh Progress in Fight against ISIS, Arrive at Gate of Mosul

The Iraqi Army’s 9th Armoured Division imposed full control over the Makhoul Mountains in the northern countryside of the Salaheddine Governorate on Friday, putting an end to the ISIS presence at a place described by military experts as Gate of Mosul.

More Advanced Version of ISIS Will Emerge in Future: Iraqi Commander

As Iraqi and Syrian forces are fighting to repel ISIS terrorists from major cities like Fallujah in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria, a senior Iraqi military commander predicts that the group will once again appear in a stronger version in future.

Iraqis Horrified by Daesh Barbarism in Kirkuk

Iraqi people are absolutely appalled by media reports saying that the Daesh (also known as ISIL and ISIS) Takfiri group has burned a family of five people, including three children, to death in southwest of Kirkuk.

Izzat al-Douri’s son killed in Iraq too

Security sources announced that Ibrahim al-Douri was killed during an operation by Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service in the strategic city of Tikrit on Monday.

Another big exodus in Iraq (PHOTOS)

The commander of Badr Organization, a Shiite militia, has said that his forces are ready to help defend Ramadi.

Ayatollah Al-Sistani’s stance will go down in history

The Italian premier says history will commit Ayatollah Al-Sistani’s benevolent stance to its memory.

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