Monday, December 5, 2022

40 Iraqis per Day Killed in Past 6 Months

Statistics indicate that Iraq’s death toll from terrorist attacks within the past six months has amounted to 7,128 people, which means almost 40 Iraqis have been killed each day.

According to a report by IRNA, as translated by IFP, the death toll in Iraq stood at 1,407 in January and 1,261 in May.

The ISIS terrorist group has killed 201 Iraqi civilians just in its occupied areas. Bombings in different parts of the country have taken the highest toll, i.e. 91%, and 63 Iraqis were killed in action in the war front.

Baghdad Blasts-Iraqi old Woman67% of the slain Iraqis aged from 16 to 47, 22% between 40 and 70, and regrettably enough, 11% were under 16 years old. 78% of the dead Iraqis were men and 22% women.

United Nations Spokesperson announced earlier that the death toll from terrorist attacks and gruesome violence in Iraq has hit 662 in June and over 1,457 have sustained injuries.

ISIS Takfiri [extremist] terrorists seized parts of the north and northwest of Iraq in 2014 to carry out the most heinous terrorist crimes against civilians and military.

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