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The latest news and views about Iran’s Bushehr province

Iran Inaugurates Several Technology Centres in Bushehr Province

A couple of technological projects and facilities have been launched by the Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology in the south of the country.

Dashti Fabric Selected as Best Iranian Craft

The fabric used in the Aba (robe) weaving industry of “Bahiri" village of Dashti County in Bushehr province has been selected as the top craft at Iran’s National Handicrafts Festival.

Iran to Produce 3k Megawatts of Nuclear Power by 2027

Iran’s atomic chief says the country will generate some three thousand megawatts of electricity via its nuclear power plants by 2027.

Iranian Jet Fighter Crashes Off Persian Gulf Coast

An Iranian fighter jet has crashed off the coast of Tangestan in Bushehr province, southern Iran, over “technical failure”, a local governor said.

Joy of Staying at Pipe Hotel near World’s Largest Gas Field

It’s been four years that attractive tourist sites including a pipe hotel have been set up in a village close to Asalouyeh, the Iranian city where the world’s largest gas field South Pars is located.

Visit Some Strange, Attractive Hotels in Iran

Iran is home to a number of attractive accommodation facilities which tempt every tourist to stay there. See some of the most strange hotels in Iran!

Kharg Island; Collection of Natural, Historical Beauties

Kharg or Khark Island is an inhabited island with great economic significance in the Persian Gulf, southern Iran, home to natural, historical beauties.

Dom-Dom Sahari: Ritual to Wake People at Dawn in Ramadan

The "Dom-Dom Sahari" ritual is among the rites performed in southern Iran in order to wake up people before dawn to say their prayers and eat Suhur (meal eaten at dawn before starting one's daily fast).

Khoos Doozi; A Beautiful Pricey Handicraft (+Video)

Khoos Doozi is a traditional Iranian needlework which uses narrow plastic strips in various colours for sewing on different clothing.

Dehdashti Mansion; Historical Residential Tower in Southern Iran

Dehdashti Mansion, also known as the Oil House, is said to be one of the first residential towers of Iran located in the centre of the southern city of Bushehr.