Thursday, December 8, 2022

General Amir Hatami

Iran Unveils Homegrown Ultrasonic Trainer Jet

Iran has unveiled a domestically-developed ultrasonic training aircraft in a ceremony attended by Defence Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami.

War on Terror Needs Global Resolve: Iran DM

Iran’s defence minister has underlined the need for global determination to combat terrorism, saying the terrorism phenomenon does not know any boundaries.

US Will Deprive Iranians of Water and Oxygen If It Can: DM

Iran’s defence minister says the US would even deprive Iranian people of access to water and oxygen in order to advance its so-called ‘maximum pressure’ policy against the Islamic Republic.

DM Says Iran Not Involved in Saudi Refinery Attacks

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami dismissed the accusation that Tehran has been involved in recent drone strikes on Saudi oil installations.

New Homegrown Armoured, Tactical Vehicles Unveiled in Iran

Iran's defence ministry has unveiled a series of domestically built military vehicles, which it says will diversify the country's arsenal after four decades of sanctions imposed by the US.

US-Led Persian Gulf Mission to Sow Insecurity in Region: Iran DM

Iran’s defence minister says the presence of foreign forces in the region, especially a US-led coalition which Washington purports would seek to beef up maritime security in the Strait of Hormuz, will only result in insecurity and instability.

DM Says Iran Not to Tolerate UK’s Maritime Piracy

Iranian Defence Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami has lashed out at the United Kingdom for illegally seizing an Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar, saying the country will not tolerate London’s “maritime piracy”.

Iran DM Rejects US Video of Oil Tankers as ‘Undocumented’

Iran’s defence minister has dismissed as “undocumented” a video released by the US military which allegedly shows an Iranian boat removing what the US calls “a mine” from the two oil tankers recently hit by explosions in the Sea of Oman.

Iran DM Says US Calls for Unconditional Talks ‘Deceitful’

Iran’s Defence Minister has blasted as deceitful calls by the United States for unconditional talks with the Islamic Republic.

Iran’s Defence Ministry to Help Carmakers Overcome Sanctions

Iran’s defence minister says the country’s military engineers are ready to help carmakers overcome problems caused by the US sanctions.

Iran’s Cooperation Warded Off Disintegration of Iraq: DM

Iran’s defence minister says if it weren’t for Iran’s cooperation, Iraq would have been disintegrated by ill-wishers and enemies of peace and security.

Iran Ready for Counter-Terror Cooperation in West Asia: DM

Iran's defence minister says the country is ready to work with regional states against terrorism and extremism, which are jeopardizing the stability and security of countries in Southeast and West Asia.

US Blocking Humanitarian Aid to Flood-Hit Iranians: DM

Iranian Defence Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami has strongly slammed the US’ move to block the delivery of international humanitarian aid to flood-hit areas in Iran, describing it as another indication of the US officials’ evil approach and animosity towards the great nation of Iran.

‘Israel to Face Tough Response If Threatens Iranian Tankers’

Iran has vowed to give a crushing response to any move by the Israeli regime to block the Islamic Republic’s oil exports.

Iran Unveils New Long-Range Cruise Missile ‘Hoveizeh’

Iran on Saturday unveiled a new cruise missile with a range of 1,350 kilometres, developed by experts at the Iranian Defence Ministry’s Aerospace Industries Organization.

Iran DM Denies US Claim It’s Arming Yemen’s Houthis

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami dismissed as a lie Washington’s allegation that the Islamic Republic is supplying arms to Yemen, saying that Tehran only provides spiritual support for the Arabian Peninsula country.

“US Lying Like a Rug When Saying It Wants to Help Iranians”

Iran’s defence minister has lashed out at American authorities for making the false claim that they aim to help Iranians by imposing sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

New Hitler to Emerge If Trump’s Lawlessness Ignored: Iran

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami decried the US breach of treaties and its sanctions on Iran, saying inaction against such lawlessness would result in the emergence of new Hitlers.

Iran’s Revenge Is Coming, DM Warns Ahvaz Attack Sponsors

Iranian Defence Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami has vowed Iran will take revenge from terrorists for Saturday attack in south-western city of Ahvaz, which left about 30 dead and over 50 injured.

Iran Thanks China for Lending Helping Hand to Anti-Terror Drive in Syria

Iran’s Defence Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami has thanked China for joining hands with Iran to support the Syrian government, saying Beijing’s cooperation has been highly effective in forcing a defeat to terrorists operating in the country.

Iran, China Discuss Promotion of Defence Cooperation

The military brass of Iran and China have exchanged views about ways to boost defense and military cooperation, joint fight against terrorism and efforts to help establish global peace and stability as well as the latest developments in the Middle East and across the world.

Iran Says Full Coordination Needed in Fight against Terrorists in Syria

Iran’s defence minister says victories in Syria are still halfway through, and that full coordination is required to continue and complete anti-terrorist operations.

Tehran, Damascus Reach Deal on Iran’s Continued Presence in Syria

A senior Iranian commander says the country's military advisors will maintain their presence in Syria, giving more details about a military cooperation agreement reached between Tehran and Damascus this week.

Iran’s DM Hatami Visits Syria’s Aleppo

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami on Tuesday paid a visit to Syria’s northern city of Aleppo and was briefed on the efforts to cleanse the war-torn city of terrorist groups.

Iran, Syria Sign Defence Cooperation Agreement

Tehran and Damascus signed a defence cooperation agreement on Sunday, signalling the two allies’ will to further strengthen relations as the seven-year Syrian conflict is moving towards a settlement.

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