Spokeswoman Slams Britain’s Anti-Iran Report as “Biased, Spiteful”

Iranian foreign ministry spokeswoman deplored a recent report published by Britain’s foreign office on Iran as “recurring and spiteful”, saying it gives a quite one-sided account of the realities inside Iran.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office published a report about Iran on April 10, in which it has made allegations of human rights violation and restriction of freedom of expression against the Islamic Republic.

The report, titled “Iran – Country of Concern”, also criticizes the process of elections in Iran and raps Tehran for imposing the death penalty.

In reply, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham on Friday deplored the British report as “recurring, spiteful and based on a completely one-sided view on the realities” in Iran.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran works in active partnership in the international human rights communities with interactive morale and in the bilateral dialogs with the countries to raise the status of human rights globally,” she explained.

Afkham stressed that Iran emphasizes the respect for the other nations’ cultures, values and beliefs, noting that the Islamic Republic has always “expressed its basic opposition to the imposition of double standards and the political approach to the issue of human rights.”

“Unfortunately” she added “certain countries, along with the communities under their control, have utilized the human rights for their political objectives with political intentions.”

She also accused the British government of violating the rights of minorities, Muslims and migrants, saying given the numerous cases of human rights violation in Britain, London cannot define any procedures for the other nations, including the Iranian people and the democratically elected administration.

The Iranian spokeswoman further called on those which claim to be defenders of human rights to respect the other nations’ demands and begin with the human rights reforms from inside their own countries.

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