Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Will sexist attitudes toward the presence of women in stadiums end?

There are signs that Iranian women may find their way to stadiums

The head coach of the Iranian women’s national volleyball team Sima Sedighi was quoted by Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on August 23 as saying that, “A professional approach has to be adopted to the presence of women in sports arenas.” Here is what else the official news agency reported on the issue:

Sedighi went on to say, “Sportswomen hope that the bylaw granting the green light to women to watch sports competitions in stadiums will be swiftly crafted and approved, because under such bylaw, true fans of sports and athletes will be gradually handed a chance to watch sports events at sporting venues.”

It came after Deputy Minister of Sports and Youth for Cultural, Educational and Research Affairs Abdul-Hamid Ahmadi said that a bylaw is being crafted to give the go-ahead to women to attend sport events.

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