Seoul’s Excuse to Freeze Iran’s Oil Revenues ‘Unacceptable’

Seoul’s Excuse to Freeze Iran’s Oil Revenues ‘Unacceptable’

The spokesperson for the Iranian administration has called on South Korea to unblock the petrodollars it owes to Iran, currently frozen in the Korean banks.

“Iran’s revenue from the oil and gas condensates exported to South Korea are currently deposited in the Central Bank’s accounts in the Korean banks,” Ali Rabiei said on Monday.

“Although the US pressures have focused on the use of currency resources for the import of basic commodities, like medicine, they have said that there is no obstacle to using those resources for importing basic commodities and medicine,” he added.
“For unclear reasons, we feel that the government of South Korea is not cooperating properly,” the spokesman went on to say.

The Iranian official expressed hope that the South Korean government would immediately unfreeze these resources and resolve the problems it has created.

“Interestingly, those resources relate to the oil that has been exported to South Korea with the US permission and waivers. Thus, South Korea’s reasons are not acceptable to us from various aspects.”

“We, and the people of Iran, naturally expect the South Korean government to return the money to Iran with its measures. The consequences of this behaviour are unacceptable to all of us and will definitely affect the prospect of bilateral relations and future cooperation,” he warned.

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