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Reverse Brain Drain in Iran; Elites Returning to Help Compatriots

A recent report released by the US Department of State shows the number of Iranian student visa applications has sharply fallen. This is important as the United States has always been the main destination for Iranian students over the past decades.

Statistics show Iran is on the path towards formation of the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovative businesses, with a major focus on “reverse brain drain”.

The growth of knowledge-based companies from about 80 in 2013 to more than 4,400 now shows that this fast-moving momentum has begun, and every strategy is being used to establish a knowledge-based economy.

For a brief review of Iran’s achievements in various fields of science and technology, check the book “Science and Technology in Iran: A Brief Review – 2019

Supporting the elites and returning them to work in the country is also one of the measures taken in this regard. So far, more than a thousand elites have returned to the country from 100 reputable universities and are active in knowledge-based companies and startups. This creates the motivation and encouragement for staying in the country to enjoy the unparalleled opportunities created by the entrepreneurial ecosystem and innovative businesses. Among the achievements of these knowledge-based companies one can refer to the following:

Iran-Made Vaccines Eradicate Oriental Sore

Infectious diseases in humans, livestock and poultry cause much damage, but vaccines are the best way to cope with these diseases. One of the country’s leading companies has taken steps to produce a vaccine to eradicate diseases like oriental sore. This diagnostic kit is produced for the first time in the world. However, in addition to the fact that the technical knowledge and manufacturing of the vaccine in Iran varies with the other types of this vaccine, diagnostic kits are also used for the first time to diagnose the disease.

Reverse Brain Drain in Iran; Elites Returning to Help CompatriotsNew Generation of Thin-Layer Solar Cells

Researchers at the University of Technology in Isfahan in collaboration with researchers from the Swiss Institute of Polytechnic have succeeded in building a new generation of thin-layer solar cells from the Perovskite is an oxidising agent for absorbing sunlight that injects energy into the electrical circuit of the system.

Achieving the knowledge of making these cells has created a dramatic development in the field of photovoltaic cells because they have a high-speed efficiency growth. These solar cells are high-performance and inexpensive.

Reverse Brain Drain in Iran; Elites Returning to Help CompatriotsPerovskia Improves Cellular Wounds

The treatment of skin diseases, including ulcers, has been developing with the help of advanced technologies. A knowledge-based company has produced a product that, in addition to the healing of the wounds, speeds up the process of cell proliferation.

Share of Bio-Fertilisers to be Increased in Agriculture

One of the goals of the Biotechnology Development Department at the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology is to supply healthy food chain in the country. This program starts from the farm and reaches to people’s table. In this regard, providing bio-fertilisers is one of the most important infrastructures for the implementation of this plan. Bio-fertilisers are said to contain one or more of the beneficial microorganisms of the soil. These fertilisers are microorganisms that convert soil nutrients into nutritional materials such as vitamins and other minerals in a biological process and feed them into plant roots.

Reverse Brain Drain in Iran; Elites Returning to Help CompatriotsGene-Therapy Develops with Help of Creative Elements

Iran has made great advances in the field of stem cells and medical rehabilitation, and a bright future is ahead of the market of products and technologies of this field.

Reverse Brain Drain in Iran; Elites Returning to Help CompatriotsEnergy Storage Increases

Researchers at Tarbiat Modarres University have been pursuing a project to increase energy storage in super-capacitors. Super-capacitors have a much higher power density than batteries and fuel cells.

At the same time, their energy density is much higher than typical capacitors. For this reason, super-capacitors have been considered as energy storage systems, especially in fields that require high power.

Reverse Brain Drain in Iran; Elites Returning to Help CompatriotsKnowledge-Based Companies Help Smart Transportation

Steps have been taken to create specialised laboratories in the field of transportation and make it smart. These labs will operate in a network to provide a better performance for this strategic industry.

Startups Have Encouraged Great Developments across Iran

Today, all cities and 78 percent of the country’s villages have high-speed Internet and the 3G or 4G mobile Internet.

Buildings Strengthened with Indigenous Technology

A knowledge-based company has created a production line for joist truss structures using native technological devices. With the launch of this production line, the strength of buildings has been increased.

Reverse Brain Drain in Iran; Elites Returning to Help CompatriotsKnowledge-based Companies, Private Sector Bring Traditional Economy to Its End

Implementing different viewpoints, such as the law to protect knowledge-based companies in the past six years has created the ecosystem of knowledge-based economy in the country.

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