Thursday, September 29, 2022

Researchers Develop Product to Increase Food’s Shelf-Life

A group of Iranian scientists has managed to produce a new oxygen-absorbing pad for food packages that can help reduce food waste and consequently improve food security.

The new oxygen-absorbing product, which can be used in food packages to increase their shelf lives, has been developed by researchers at a subsidiary of the National Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute of Iran.

Ahmadreza Shariatzadeh, the project’s executive, told ISNA a similar sample of this product had already been produced by Mitsubishi Company in Japan about 40 years ago.

“We have now been able to patent the technology of manufacturing this product in our country, and now the raw materials and process of making this product are all localised in the country,” added Shariatzadeh.

He further noted that the product will last for a long time and help reduce food waste and consequently improve food security in the country.

“As food maintenance consumes a lot of water, it is as important as the production process,” underlined the researcher.

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He stated that the average shelf life of products stored with these pads is two to three times more than the usual shelf life.

“Use of oxygen-adsorbing pads in packaging also prevents the industry from using numerous preservatives by stopping the growth, development and proliferation of food pests. It is a harmless and nature-friendly product that can be used as an iron-rich fertilizer as well.”

Shariatzadeh also underlined that the process is called “active food packaging”, which considerably reduces the expenses.

He also noted that the price of these pads is much cheaper than similar products.

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