Monday, October 3, 2022

Researchers Cure Skin Conditions with Patient’s Own Stem Cells

Iranian researchers have found out that it is possible to treat wrinkles and acnes by transplanting an individual's stem cells into his or her own skin.

They came to that conclusion after reviewing the therapeutic as well as side effects of using and individual’s own fibroblasts on curing skin conditions.

One of society’s demands from the health sector is to treat their skin diseases and make it young again. Recent surveys show the transplant of an individual’s own fibroblast cells can make skin young again.

In order to ensure that using these cells will be effective and safe in the long run, Iranian researchers launched a clinical study in phase two of their research. In that survey, 57 people with wrinkles or acne marks with a certain degree of skin damage received, in three phases, fibroblast cells taken from their own bodies. The cells were injected into the location of the skin damage at 4-to-6-week intervals.

The effectiveness and side effects of the treatment were examined two, six, 12 and 24 months after the last injection.

The results of the survey published in the international Cell Journal showed that using this method improved skin creases and acne marks by at least two grades. Six months after the last injection, 90.1 percent of wrinkles and 86.1 percent of acne marks were improved by at least one degree.

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Also, at least 56.1 percent of creases and 63.9 percent of acne marks were improved by two degrees.

The improvements remained unchanged until the end of the 24-month period, and no side effect was observed during the research period.

The results of the survey suggested that using an individual’s own fibroblasts is effective in making their skin young again and curing their skin damage and has no specific side effects in the long run.

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