Friday, July 12, 2024

President Raisi says Israel unable to defend itself against Iran

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has warned that should Israel launch a direct military attack against Iran, it would be overwhelmed by the swift response and demised.

“The Zionist regime’s threats amount to futile rhetoric, which no one in the world believes in. If the Zionist enemy took the slightest of actions against us, our first [counter]action would equal its (the Israeli regime’s) destruction,” the Iranian president told Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television network in an interview on Tuesday.

“The Islamic Republic’s power is not a secret to anyone in the region. The Zionist regime’s first [potential] act of folly [against Iran] would also be its last,” Raisi reasserted.

“The Zionist regime would not be able to survive [even] the initial moments of Iran’s response,” he noted, saying the regime, itself, knew well that it was incapable of confronting the Islamic Republic.

The chief executive said Iran had reached the stage of self-sufficiency in the military sphere, describing the Islamic Republic as a “talked-about country” in the field of the defense industry.

Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iran’s enemies have stopped short of committing any mistake against the country, not because they do not seek to take such action, but because they do not have the required power to do so, he stated.

Raisi likewise discredited the Israeli regime’s threats against the regional resistance front, saying the regime was incapable of meeting even its own “internal security” demands, not to mention taking on the resistance.

“The current circumstances are in favor of the resistance and against the Zionist regime,” he continued, adding, “The Zionist regime’s threats are vain and hollow. This regime is today incapable of confronting the youths of the Palestinian resistance and the region.”

Iran, he, meanwhile, affirmed, has not and will not regret supporting the regional resistance front in the face of the occupying regime’s aggression.

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