Tuesday, May 21, 2024

President Raisi: Palestine most important issue for Islamic world

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has met with resistance leaders and commanders and Palestinian thinkers in Syria, stressing that Palestine is the most important issue for the Islamic world.

During separate meetings on Thursday, Raisi, who is in Syria on a two-day visit, said that Palestine and the issue of liberating Quds should not be forgotten.

He said the enemy was using full force to counter Palestinians’ rights and therefore Muslims, too, had to use all in their power to restore the rights of the Palestinian people and liberate Quds.

Raisi said the Islamic Republic was pursuing the issue of Palestine as its top foreign policy priority and “we are of the opinion that all equations in the Islamic world boil down to this matter.”

“By waging composite warfare, enemies are seeking to have the Palestinians believe that their destiny and life hinge on the presence of the Zionist regime, and that this regime’s survival is undoubtable and has to be accepted by Muslims,” he said.

“They forced some governments to restore relations with the Zionists, but what actually happened was the regime reneging on its promises and continuing to violate Palestinians’ rights and to commit murder and plunder,” he said, referring to the normalization of relations by some Arab governments with Israel.

Raisi said unity among resistance forces and regional and Islamic countries was most critical to precipitate the “defeat” of Israel.

“We believe the destruction of the Zionist regime, the signs of which can be seen, is very near,” he said.

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