Poetry Can Illustrate Sufferings of COVID-19 Patients: Iran

Poetry Can Illustrate Sufferings of COVID-19 Patients
A Persian calligraphy by Omid Rabbani which roughly means, "Empathy is more important than speaking the same language."

The Iranian minister of culture and Islamic guidance says the country will exchange its “poetic” experience of coronavirus with the world.

Seyyed Abbas Salehi noted the COVID-19 pandemic is a common problem gripping all peoples.

“The coronavirus pandemic was a malady which affected all people around the world and which all poets across the globe wrote poems about, and we should use it as a path to connect to the world,” he said.

“Poetry came to the aid of health protocols and prevention measures, and poets’ experience with regards to coronavirus turned into a work of art,” he added.

The minister underlined that poems have been written to illustrate the pain and sufferings of people afflicted with the disease.

He said the poems written about coronavirus serve as a linking route to the world as COVID-19 was a common illness of the entire human community

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