Tehran: Iran to pursue own rights, interests in Arash gas field

Iranian Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran always supports the amicable settlement of border and maritime disputes, including those over the Persian Gulf Arash gas field with its neighbors.

Owji made the comments on the sidelines of a meeting to review plans and projects about joint oil and gas fields.

“Regarding the exploitation of joint oil and gas fields, Iran has always taken the path of negotiation and mutual understanding with its neighbors,” added Owji.

He said the Islamic Republic advocates for unified and joint exploitation rights in the gas field.

The Iranian Minister of Petroleum stressed: “If there is no willingness to cooperate, Iran will pursue its rights and benefits, including the exploitation and exploration of the Arash gas field, and will not tolerate any violation of its rights.”

The strategic offshore gas field, known as Arash in Iran and al-Dorra in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, is located in the interlocking marine region between Kuwait and Iran in the Persian Gulf.

The dispute has been lingering for decades, with all the stakeholders insisting that they own the gas field.

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