Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Official: Iran non-oil exports rose by 17.66 percent to $45.3bn in ten months to January

Iran’s Customs Administration says the ten month exports of non-oil products in the country has hit 45.3 billion dollars, which is a 17.66 percent rise in terms of value compared to the same period of the previous year.

Director Mohammad Rezvanifar says the exports do not include crude oil and fuel oils as well as exports of technical and engineering services.

According to Rezvanifar, Iran’s imports in the same time span was 48.5 billion dollars that shows a 16.86 percent rise year on year.

The top customs official also says every ton of product sold to other countries was worth an average 440 dollars in the ten months to January, which is also a growth of more than 14 percent compared to the previous year.

Based on the report, natural gas constituted the main portion of the non-oil export, accounting for more than 15 percent of the sold products.

Main destinations for Iranian products were China, Iraq, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and India, respectively. These are the five countries that imported nearly 74 percent of the Iranian goods.

According to Rezvanifar, Iran’s main imports were corn, rice, soy beans and wheat and the United Arab Emirates was the top exporter to Iran, followed by China.
The official further stressed that the Customs Administration is focused on facilitating and supporting expansion of foreign transit that rose more than 7 percent in the mentioned period.

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