Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Nuclear chief: Iran leading producer of radiopharmaceuticals in world

The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) says the Islamic Republic has become one of the major producers of radiopharmaceuticals in the world despite relentless sanctions.

In a tour of eastern Iranian province of Kerman on Thursday, Mohammad Eslami said Iran managed to beat the challenges and facilitate 205 medical centers across the country with pharmaceutical medicines.

He explained that the technology is mainly used for treatment of cancer as it can target cancer cells with high accuracy and save patients from the side effects and various complications of chemical drugs.

Eslami pointed out that, unlike the wrong perception in the world, nuclear technology is not only used for uranium enrichment, clarifying its power can be used to generate electricity and its radiation is used for various purposes, including in medicine for diagnosis, treatment, equipment, and producing radiopharmaceuticals.

The AEOI head also stated that Iran is planning on increasing the capacity to produce radiopharmaceuticals, stipulated in the country’s strategic document and the 20-Year Vision.

The number of homegrown radiopharmaceuticals is increasing every year and Iran has been exporting its radiopharmaceuticals to many countries, including India, Lebanon, Iraq, and some European countries, he added.

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