New US Sanctions Not to Affect Iran’s Activities: Spokesman

New US Sanctions Not to Affect Iran’s Activities: Spokesman

The Iranian government spokesman says the country regards the United States’ new sanctions as an unfair move, yet they will have no bearing on Iran’s activities.

Speaking in his weekly press briefing on Tuesday, Ali Rabiei underlined Washington’s move to put several Iranian officials on its sanctions list is a non-starter.

“We believe that any new sanction is a new unfair move and another manifestation of the United States’ illegal moves. But it will have little effect on what we do,” he said.

“The new actions that the US is taking are a complement to the moves it has made so far,” he said.

“The US (recently) put individuals (like Oil Minister Zangeneh) on the list of its sanctions. Mr. Zangeneh’s name was not earlier on the list of sanctioned individuals. But his name being or not being on the list had not made any difference with regards to what he was or wasn’t doing,” he added.

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