Sunday, October 2, 2022

New Iranian Directors Make Unusual Films: American Critic

American film critic Deborah Young says the new generation of Iranian filmmakers are more adventurous than the previous ones, and make more unusual films.

Young, a senior film critic at Hollywood Reporter, has long been acquainted with the Iranian cinema and watches Iranian films at various international festivals.

This year, she is among the special guests at the 37th International Fajr Film Festival, which is underway in Tehran.

What follows is a brief interview with Young:

Q: You have always been a supporter of the Iranian cinema. You watch Iranian films at various festivals. What do you think of the Iranian films you watched last year?

A: I think it was a great year. Young filmmakers from the new generation have emerged that I have not been acquainted with before. Your cinema is in a state of transformation. I think great filmmakers like Abbas Kiarostami have opened the way for young people, young filmmakers and new topics. Filmmakers do not repeat the same themes in their films. New young directors make films that are unusual and unconventional, and their works are a bit complicated. But I think they have more modern and up-to-date feelings and expressions.

Q: After Abbas Kiarostami’s death, how do you evaluate the Iranian cinema in recent years? Do you think the Iranian cinema has entered a new phase?

A: The Iranian cinema in its current state is attractive. There is no clear gap between the present and the past few years. In general, film industry has strong roots in Iran. In the new generation of Iranian cinema there is something that I have not seen in other countries.

Q: Who is your favourite actor from the new generation?

A: Navid Mohammadzadeh.

Q: There are a lot of anti-Trump comments in Hollywood, and Trump has many opponents. What do you think?

A: I can say that 90% of Hollywood is anti-Trump. I do not know why. I mean, the cinema is clearly an art form, and it brings all the artistic forms of people with different points of view together. There are people who have an independent outlook and are not looking for money. So there is no connection between these people and Trump.

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