Sunday, October 2, 2022

Netanyahu comments have no impact on nuclear talks: MP

The world is optimistic about conclusion of a nuclear deal; a more secure Iran can contribute more to development of all regional countries, said Haghighatpour.

“Iran’s negotiating team will do its best to clinch a deal, and parliament overwhelmingly supports them,” said Mansour Haghighatpour, a member of parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, adding Iran’s demands are all legal and America should demonstrate more flexibility and abide by the law.

What comes below is the translation of the remarks of the MP as reported by the Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA) on March 8:

Gaps still exist and on no account will comments of Netanyahu have an impact on the process leading to the conclusiveness of nuclear talks [between Iran and P5+1] at this stage.

The [Iranian] nation knows that Zionists want the talks to be inconclusive and do not want a deal to be struck. In case of an accord, their weaknesses will be exposed more than ever.

Given the guidelines of the Supreme Leader about support for our negotiating team, members of parliament back the Iranian diplomats and as long as the Leader calls for such support, the team has the solid backing of the entire nation.

The negotiating team is taking determined steps toward preservation of Iran’s nuclear interests. The world is optimistic about conclusion of an agreement, because it sees Iran as a regional security hub. A more secure Iran can contribute more to development of all regional countries.

It’s obvious that Islamophobia is at a home stretch. The negotiating team has intense negotiations ahead, because it has to address a number of other problems that have found their way into the talks.

As for the meeting between US Secretary of State John Kerry and the Saudi foreign minister, I think the American top diplomat went to Riyadh to offer explanations to the Saudis. This move can help ease opposition to the agreement.

An accord will be both to the disadvantage of Riyadh and Tel-Aviv, so it’s natural that they are opposed to it. We understand that they are under considerable pressure.

Our efforts are aimed at striking a deal by the deadline set, but it depends on the flexibility that the Americans will show. Because our demands are all legal; America should meet them to cut a deal.

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