Thursday, November 30, 2023

Negotiating teams working on text of Iran’s demands in Vienna

Reports coming out of the Vienna talks say the negotiating teams have a better assessment of the discussions than their previous meeting.

In a report, IRNA said Tehran’s proposals have been explained to the other sides and ambiguities are being cleared.

Meanwhile, Russian representative to the meeting Mikhail Olyanov said at the first meeting of the second round of talks that important ambiguities in the talks have been resolved and the negotiations are proceeding.

Reports also say the European troika have returned to Vienna with a more realistic approach after examining Tehran’s proposals.
Some members of the Iranian negotiating team say Tehran’s insistence on its demands made the European sides become more realistic.

The negotiating teams are beginning to work on the text of Iran’s proposals about sanctions removal and its nuclear activities.
Iran has said it’s ready to continue the Vienna talks as long as needed and this has been welcomed by the other sides especially China and Russia.

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