Saturday, January 28, 2023

MP Criticizes Rouhani’s Gov’t for Failing to Pursue Lawsuits against US

A top Iranian parliamentarian says President Hassan Rouhani’s government is not doing enough to follow up on the lawsuits Iran has filed against the United States.

Yahya Kamalipour was quoted by ICANA as saying, “Despite the efforts made and measures adopted, we don’t have a good track record in pursuing Iran’s lawsuits against the US.”

The vice-chairman of the Parliament’s Judicial-Legal Commission criticized the performance of the Legal Department of the Presidential Office, and noted Iran has not been very successful in following up the cases it has brought at international circles over the violation of the nation’s rights.

He expressed the hope Iran will be able to use better mechanisms and seasoned experts to reclaim its violated rights by filing lawsuits at international circles.

“We are weak in legal and diplomacy domains. That we can’t get a positive, definitive, and effective result from the lawsuits we file shows we haven’t had a good performance in the international arena,” said the MP.

It is noteworthy that the world’s negative view about Iran affects the issuance of verdicts in Iran’s favour, he said, adding if Iran appears in courts with determination, it will be able to win the lawsuits it has filed against Washington.

According to ICANA, some Iranian lawmakers are demanding an investigation into the fate of the lawsuits Iran has brought against the US at international circles, and that’s why the performance of the Legal Department of the Presidential Office has been put under the microscope by the Parliament.

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