Most famous Iranian folkloric ensemble to stage charity concerts

The Kamkars
The Kamkars

The Kamkars, a very famous Iranian ensemble, are to stage charity concerts in Iran and Europe.

Holding charity concerts for patients or for those in need is partly rooted in Iranian culture. In the past, ceremonies would be held at the traditional equivalent of modern-day gyms where wealthy people and athletes would raise money for people in need.

There are many families who are grappling with hard-to-treat diseases. Although they may not be classified as poor, they cannot afford the high costs of treatment. Organization of such concerts can help families handle their problems more easily.

A Tuesday edition of Iran newspaper reported that the Kamkars [a Kurdish family of seven brothers and a sister and the leading musical ensemble in Iran] are to stage benefit concerts for MS and cancer patients in two cities.

Ardavan Kamkar, one of the seven male members of the group, said the band will first travel to Sanandaj, their home town in western Iran, to stage a concert for patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. “Then we’ll have a European tour which will take us to France, Belgium and Sweden for concerts.”

“Upon return from those three countries,” he said, “we’ll stage a concert in Tehran. The proceeds of that concert will go to Mahak, a society that supports children with cancer.”

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