Mollabashi House; Most Beautiful Mansion of Isfahan

The Mollabashi House is a beautiful mansion in the central Iranian city of Isfahan, dating back to the eighteenth century.

The Mollabashi house, also known as house of Mo’tamediha, is located in Isfahan’s Malek Street. Its original building was constructed during Zand dynasty with two large “panj-dari” rooms; and a part called “zemestan-neshin” that allowed the residents to make use of the winter sun.

Later in Qajar era, Mollabashi – the astronomer of Naser al-Din Shah who was sent to Isfahan on a mission – owned the house. He built the “shah-neshin”, a large room with an elevated position in the northern part of the house, and the large “noh-dari” room- the mansion’s most important, interesting parts indeed.

It is an edifice with historical base and completely new decorations; ranging from sash windows, plaster and glass work to tiles and stone cravings.

Mollabashi house has now turned into a tourist attraction. It consists of more than 10 rooms with particular features, named after months of Persian calendar.

What follows are IRNA’s photos of this unique edifice:

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